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15 Piece Nativity Set

Your Price: $4,413.00
  • 15 Piece Nativity Set
  • Polyresin
  • Indoor/outdoor
Part Number: WL-NATIVITY-42-15
Availability: Call us at 765-664-3918 to order
This 15 piece set comes with all the real life nativity figures. The Holy family, Shepherd, Angel, Three Kings,cow, donkey,sheep and camels. This set offers the dramatic life like realism that will be a source of meaningful joy for many years. Joseph stands 2.8' tall, Mary is 1.9' tall, Baby Jesus is 1'long, The stable is 3.5' tal,The The angel is 3' tall, 1st king is 3' Tall, 2nd king is 3.2' tall, 3rd king is 2.2' tall, Shepherd is 3.2' tall, cow is 1.2' tall, Sheep is 1' tall, Donkey is 1' tall, Camel

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