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  • 21 Piece
  • Nativity Set
  • Joseph stands 7.8" Tall
  • Mary sits 5" high
  • Manger is 3 3/4" high
  • J
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This 21 piece set comes complete with all the Real Life Nativity figures, separate chests with hinged lids filled with real 24k gold and authentic frankincense myrrh. Combine all three sets: The Holy Family, The Shepherds and Angel and The Kings Following the Christmas Star to make up "The Real Life Nativity"?. The dramatic, life-like realism and true elements like real 24k gold, frankincense and myrrh. An heirloom that will be a source of meaningful joy for many years. The baby Jesus rest in the manger, and like all Three Kings Gifts Nativities, this set comes with "The Original Gifts of Christmas", 3 sheep, 3 camels, 1 donkey, cow. The stable measures 12.8 " height x 14.8" length. Balthazar, the tallest of the kings, measures 5.51". The Angel stands 7 4/8".

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