You don’t have to be an art critic to recognize and respond deeply to a work of art. Sometimes, art is easily recognized by virtue of its “realness” and ability to mirror the realities of our world.

Hyperrealism is one such genre that focuses on minute aesthetic details to create a meticulous masterpiece that looks real enough to be alive and breathing.

Taking into account the intricacies of the human form, creating a sculpted replica of a person is no easy task—especially if it’s intended to make some kind of social commentary.

Today, we’ll put the spotlight on 3 established hyperrealists whose brilliant craftsmanship has provoked and delighted in equal measure:

Marc Sijan

One of the most talented sculptors in the genre, Marc Sijan originally set out to become a teacher in Milwaukee. A growing fascination with art, however, caused him to switch majors and soon become a recognizable name in hyperrealism.

Walking into Sijan’s studio is like meeting a string of intriguing characters that are so real in their imperfections that you may end up starting a conversation with one!

His life-like sculptures encompass people from all walks of life, each one with a unique story to tell.

Ron Mueck

An Australian sculptor working in the UK, Ron Mueck is a leading name in contemporary hyperrealist sculpture. His stunning attention to detail has made him a household name in photorealism, with notable contributions to a number of art galleries and exhibitions in Scotland, Canada, England, Australia and several parts of the US.

The subject of Mueck’s art generally deals with privacy and unspoken thoughts.

Duane Hanson

A magician with polyester resin, bronze, Bondo and fiberglass, Hanson is an established name in, both, pop art and hyperrealism—thanks to his massive contributions to the art scene in the revolutionary 1960s.

Starting out with fiberglass and vinyl, Hanson was deeply inspired by Edward Kienholz. His first work of art Abortion (1966) captured the horrors of an “illicit backroom procedure”, followed by violent and grotesque scenes in AccidentRace RiotFootball Players, and Vietnam Scene.

Later, Hanson took a more subtle approach to hyperrealism and over the years, his sculptures evolved into more complex artworks with indistinct spatial boundaries.

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