One of the best ways to explore the true spirit of a country is to explore its history and art—or at least whatever’s left of it.

There’s a reason, after all, why museums are counted among the most popular destination spots on a traveler’s itinerary. Whether you’re a space geek, or a film aficionado, a sports fan or a cooking maestro, you can bet there’s a museum out there that are made to satiate your curiosity and interest!

Sculpting Inspiration

Regardless of their popularity, however, museums aren’t necessarily everyone’s “thing”. A lot of us prefer to get a sense of the city by browsing the streets, living among the locals, and exploring the sights and sounds of a new land directly through its food, culture, and people.

This is what gives public sculptures their universal appeal, as they go beyond the confines of a museum or art exhibition to inspire everyone who visits!

Let’s take a look at 3such remarkable life-sized sculptures from around the world!

1. The Black Ghost (Klaipeda, Lithuania)

The Black Ghost

Located in Lithuania’s third-largest city, Juodasis Vaiduoklis (translation: The Black Ghost) is a sculpture that greets passersby near Memel Castle in Klaipeda. Created by sculptors Svajunas Jurkus and Sergejus Plotnikovas, the life-size work of art is inspired by the story of a 16th-century castle-guard who claimed to have witnessed a ghostly, hooded figure.

According to legend, the ghost inquired about the town’s timber and grain supply, issued a warning of famine and—in true ghostly fashion—vanished without a trace!

Today, the statue can be seen emerging from the waters that surround the small town. Founded by Teutonic Kings, Klaipeda is known for its historical 13th-century architecture. While The Black Ghost hasn’t been sighted since 1595, the statue continues to draw tourists from around the world. #HalloweenHistory

2. People of the River (Cavenagh Bridge, Singapore)

People of the River - Cavenagh Bridge, Singapore

If you’re the antithesis of a museum-hopping’ tourist and instead prefer outdoor adventures, you’re going to love taking leisurely strolls by the Singapore River.

For a glimpse into early Singapore, walk along the Cavenagh Bridge and witness a stunning series of human sculptures, starting with First Generation: frozen-motion sculptures of 5 young boys taking a dip into the river.

Continue your stroll and feast your eyes on From Chettiars to Financiers, fantastic sculptures depicting the city’s money-lending tradition, and River Merchants, a representation of the changing business landscape of Singapore.

3. The Caring Hand (Glarus, Switzerland)

The Caring Hand - Glarus, Switzerland

If you’re impressed with sculptures with a profound message, The Caring Hand of Glarus will resonate with you deeply.

Sculpted by Eva Oertli and Beat Huber, this life-size wonder depicts a human hand emerging from the ground and gently enveloping a tree. A powerful way to represent environmental responsibility, witnessing the immaculate details of the riveting sculpture is worth the one-hour scenic train ride from Zurich.

Ultimately, these statues are popular because they’re far more than a visual treat. Whether they’re serving an economic purpose, endorsing a social message or sharing an important part of history, they’re able to meet their objectives through unbridled creativity.

This is the mark of a true and talented artist—and what we, at Butlers and Signs, value above everything else.

When it comes to artwork, authenticity always thrives. This is why we offer 100% handcrafted statues to a plethora of clients in an array of industries that include collectors’ stores, film sets, museums, retail stores, restaurants and more!

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