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3.5' First Mate Pirate Tombstone

Your Price: $483.84
  • Crude stone style tombstone; shades of gray used to show age and wear
  • UV Stabilized for Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Equipped with Steel M
Part Number: WL-PRT-TMBST-FM
Availability: In Stock
Turn any location into graveyard with polyresin tombstones! If you're looking for spooky but spectacular decor then look no further. This polyresin piece came from the High Seas where Swashbuckling Pirates sail their ships. What's a Captain without his First Mate? Giving homage to a ship's 2nd in command, this polyresin piece is perfect as a centerpiece or in a scene. With a more crude construction than the prestige of the Captains tombstone, hopefully the First Mate doesn't haunt for long!

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