3D Gingerbread Nutcracker

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  • Nutcracker with Gingerbread and Candy Accents
  • Life Like 3D Statue
  • Polyresin/Fiberglass Blend
  • UV Stabilized
Part Number: WL-GNBR-NUT-06-3D
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A 3D nutcracker is impressive, but a gingerbread 3D nutcracker is truly a work of art. A chocolate cupcake, wrappered in red, with plum colored icing, is atop candy cane striped icing to make a proper shako hat, for the gingerbread nutcracker. Elegant white hair flows from his head, while a thick mustache and beard gush from his chin. Gumdrops are the "Epaulette" for this semi-traditional nutcracker. Aqua and plum colored stockings lead down to his boots, which have the look of supple leather with jelly beans for clasps. The whole nutcracker is standing on a layered, gingerbread styled, base with an icing and candy cane motor to contrast the pieces.

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