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5' Baking Mrs.Santa Claus

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  • Mrs. Claus
  • Whisk & Bowl
  • 5'
  • Resin
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Someone has to aid Santa in baking all the sweet treats from the North Pole Bakery! Mrs. Claus' smiling face is there to assisst Ol' Saint Nick! She is donned in a floor-length red gown, paired with her red cap atop her ivory hair. The gown has a Victorian style neckband collar garnished in white lace. Getting covered in flour is no fun but Mrs. Claus is prepared! She is wrapped in a white waist apron with ornate frills along thet margin. Her gown's skirt is banded in green, tying the colors of Christmas together in tasteful elegence. Mrs. Claus' wardrobe is not to waste, as she is whisking a bowl of batter to flawless consistency. While Santa Claus may get the accolades, we all know Mrs. Claus makes everyting happen!

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