6' Baker Santa Holding Gingerbread House

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The King of the North Pole is also the Baker for the North Pole Bakery! His pastries, sweet treats, and gingerbread masterpieces are his pride and joy, as seen through Santa holding out a Gingerbread House in this display. Baker Santa's knickerbockers and shiny black boots are in line with his traditional garb. Replacing the classic all crimson coat is a lumberjack-like plaid coat, checkered in red and white with green and grey pinstripes. Over his neck and tied at his waist is white chef's apron with a ribbon of green at its margin. A plaid pocket to match Santa's coat is also on the apron, and in it is a classically styled gingerbread man and candy cane. Santa has them there just in case! Atop Santa's head is a baking hat in all its puffed up wonder! Of course Saint Nick is jolly and cheer, and of course he has his trademark beard. On his hands are red mittens, so bright, in them is a rolling pin clutched tight. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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