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6' Pretty Witch

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  • Pretty Witch
  • 6'
  • Resin
  • UV
Part Number: WL-WITCH-06-PT
Availability: Call us at 765-664-3918 to order
Witches are a staple of Halloween! Scary and sweet, they are found in all Halloween decor. The pinnacle of witch decor is Winterland's 5' 6" witch. Her eery green skin is contrasted by the vibrant red of her hair. Adorned in a black dress and purple corsage she is frighteningly gorgeous! And what is a witch without her magic flying broomstick, so our Witch had to have her enchanted broom for cruising in the Halloween night sky. Constructed out of durable polyresin for indoor and outdoor use, incorporate Winterland's witch into your Halloween decor this season!

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