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  4. 80" Set of 3 Polyresin Santas Climbing a Ladder

80" Set of 3 Polyresin Santas Climbing a Ladder

Your Price: $584.06
  • 7'
  • 3 Santa's on a Ladder
  • UV
  • Resin
Part Number: WL-SANTA-80-3CLIMB
Availability: In Stock
This jumbo Santa Claus decoration is ideal for Christmas enthusiasts and decorating extremists! There is not just one Santa in this piece, but three! Each Santa is hanging on a different spot of a 7 ' ladder and playing a different musical instrument. It is perfect for any large Christmas display, especially in commercial areas such as shopping malls, supermarkets, and banks. It is crafted with fiberglass and polyresin. This item is UV stabilized.

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