ARTIC Reindeer Photo Op

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  • Reindeer Sitting on a Gift
  • Photo Op
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A photo-opportunity unlike any other. A reindeer leaning over an oversized gift box, what a phenomenal Christmas decor piece. The faceless reindeer takes on the face of anyone who pokes their head into the opening. Tan fur and a thick chocolate mane give realistic detail, and lifelike black hooves give depth and authenticity. Antlers extend from the top of the face opening, and 4 Christmas oranments dangle from the two antlers. This piece was created and designed with safety in mind! In the back of the piece are block like steps, painted to look like rocks, so little ones can be the stars of the picture with upmost safety. 2 hand-grips are on either side of the walls, that look like an extention of the gift box. There is also a single hand-grip near the face opening as well! The beautiful red box with green ribbon brings a splash of color to the piece, making it truly wonderful.

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