Artic Bear Photo Op

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  • Standing Polar Bear
  • Phot Op
  • 7'
  • Resin
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A 7' tall fluffy Polar Bear that all people's can take on the charicter of, with this incredible photo-opportuity. The bear is wearing a Santa hat, wrapped up in a green scarf, standing on his hind legs, and holdilng a red gift box. A cute and fun way to spread Christmas and winter joy is through photographs of people as this Polar Bear. In the back of the piece are block like steps, painted and texurized to resemble ice blocks, so even the little ones can climb up and experience what it is like to look like a polar bear! The varrying shades of white on the bear make the piece even more realisitic. Coarse but wavy texture adds depth and authenticity to the piece. Brown painted claws on all the paws go the extra mile for detail.

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