As the owner of a zoo, creating a memorable experience for your visitors is your number one priority.

You want to ensure that they have enjoyed at the zoo. Having life-size bear statues can help you enhance the visitors’ experience. Not only will they serve to be great conversation pieces, but they will also make them want to visit your zoo again.  

We provide realistic bear statues. Here are some of the amazing options from our online store:

Polar Bear Standing

Being the largest carnivores in the world, polar bears are mostly found in the Arctic Circle. Living in incredibly cold climates, they have evolved to have thick fur for warmth.

Many experts believe that American polar bears could become extinct in the next 50 years if appropriate measures are not taken. Having a polar bear statue standing tall at your zoo is your chance to support the moment to help polar bears survive. This realistic life-size statue will convey your point.

Bear With Cub

This bear with a cub in its arms is the cutest things you will see today. With immaculate attention to detail, this bear with a cub has been designed to perfection.

It effectively portrays the protective nature of the bear. Ten inches long and eight inches wide, this statue can be an amazing display at your zoo.

Koala Bear

The Koala bear is an iconic symbol of Australia – as that’s the only place where it is found. They are closely related to kangaroos, wombats, and opossums.

This life-size koala bear is a great representation of the original. Made out of resin, it has been designed with extraordinary precision.

Panda Bear Walking

The panda bear, one of the world’s rarest mammals, is found in the dense forests of Southwestern China. The iconic black and white creatures are adored by everyone around the world.

This walking panda bear statue is handcrafted out of resin. Weighing around 82 pounds, it can be an incredible addition to your zoo.

Panda Bear Sitting

This sitting Panda bear has been captured in its natural habitat, eating leaves from the Bamboo. The statue’s beauty is in its details.

The visitors at your zoos will be able to capture amazing pictures with the Panda. They will surely have something to show off after this.

With a team of creative artists, we at Butlers and Signs, provide unique life-size bear statues. Our high-quality statues have been handcrafted and are available at affordable rates.

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