Candy Cane with Snowman Mini

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  • Candy Cane and Snowman boy
  • Lifelike 3D piece
  • pieces are on a weighted base
  • Polyresin/Fiberglass blend
  • UV Stabilized
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Snowmen and candy canes, staples of Christmas, and when combined are truly special. At 5' overall, a candy cane is on a base with a signature shepherds crook. The swirling colors of red and white wind up and around the candy cane. A snowman boy, at roughly 2 and a half (30 inches) feet tall stands next to the candy cane adorned in green accents through his clothing. His overcoat is lined with green, his scarf is striped with green, and his green stock cap brings the color scheme together. His realistic branch arms bring the little snowman to life. He is clutching a candy cane that is minerature if compared to the candy that doubles his size. The little snowman's eyes are the classic coal pieces and his nose is a protruding carrot.

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