Similar to clothes making the man or woman, the right props -- including life-size and giant sculptures -- dress up movies and photo shoots. They make your work memorable. This is true whether you are photographing or filming for personal or commercial purposes.

If your shoots are commercial, copyright permissions can be sticky for use of permanent statuary. Problems can occur if your photos or film imply an association between a client and these objects.

One solution is to build up your own collection of statuary props. Butlers and Signs offers a broad range of life-size and giant figures made from durable resin and fiberglass. Choose wisely, and you will have props that you can reuse for many themes and storylines.

Repurposing props and other set materials are the green things to do instead of discarding them.

Going Green When Setting the Scene

According to The Los Angeles Times, the movie Spider-Man 2 earned "hundreds of thousands of dollars by selling excess construction and set materials."

The green movement has created the new occupation of rescuing lumber, metal, and props from movie sets. In 2014, The LA Times quoted the owner of one such business as having saved "80 dumpster's worth of materials from going to a landfill."

The online publication Special Events indicates that one way for event planners to save money on prop inventory is to "shake up an old theme" is to use old props in a new context. Of course, this is true for filmmakers and photographers as well.

Rethinking Prop Collections

Using the example of a jungle or safari theme, Special Events asks, "Why not create a totally different kind of jungle -- 'an urban jungle' -- where you design your sculpted elephants, zebras and rhinos into an urban environment…."

If you need life-size, life-like statues of elephants, macaws, rhinos, zebras and other inhabitants of savannahs and jungles, you'll find them here. We also have a broad range of primates, including chimpanzees, gorillas, monkeys, and orangutans.

Dinosaurs, livestock and wild animals -- we have those as well, including lots of realistic, four-legged statues for your projects. You also can count on us for realistically sized and detailed statues of people ranging from cowboys to pirates.

Weaving Fantasy into Film & Photo Projects

Sometimes we super-size our animals as with this seahorse that is taller than most basketball players. It would be useful for a zoo or aquarium photo shoot or for a fantasy video.

Customers who want their weddings recorded sometimes select unexpected themes and props.

These days, professional event photographers and videographers need to maintain or rent abroad collections of props.

Consider Jade and Dave's pirate nuptials posted at the Rock N Roll website. They share a "marryoke" video in which fake swords flash and everyone sings about "a bottle of rum and a yo-ho-ho." Too bad they didn't have a peg leg Captain Hook statue to guard their guestbook.

In contrast, Floridians Shelly and Dave chose a mini golf course populated with an eclectic mix of huge props. These include a long-neck dinosaur, Egypt's Sphinx, missiles and a Chinese New Year dragon.

How will you know your prop installation is successful for any event?

In a separate article about top prop trends, Special Events notes that a sign of successful decor is when guests ask someone to take their pictures with the props, such as bride-to-be Shelly smooching a gorilla statue.

Getting the Help You Need

Not all brides- and grooms-to-be or other organizers of special events have access to eye-catching venues. But a photographer or videographer, well equipped with statues from Butlers and Signs, could create fantasy settings for clients in everyday places.

If you want to create a candy land of giant cupcakes, ice cream cones and hot dogs in sneakers in your bank lobby, we've got them. Or if you just need answers to questions about how our free ground shipping policy works or some other aspect of doing business with us, we've got answers for you.

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