Figgy with Base

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  • Boy Elf
  • Waving
  • 4'
  • Resin
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The North Pole Bakery is home to Santa's wonderful baking elves. This boy efl is dressed in his proper baking uniform! His tan, blue-trimmed, hat is tilted off his head to expose his signature pointed ears and black hair. For being at work this elf sure does have a contagious grin and charming green eyes. The tan shirt and pants he dons is highlighted by a suave blue bowtie, and red balloon shoulder puffs. His shirt and pants are cuffed in white icing-like twists and accented with a flowing blue line. A peppermind belt buckle is a festive accessory added by this stylish elf! Red, green, and purple dots intesify the color scheme, while his dark bronw vest and shoes add a layered jazziness to the outfit!

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