GIngerbread Snowman with Base

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  • Snowman Male
  • Gingerbread collection
  • Outward facing 2D piece
  • Polyresin/Fiberglass blend
  • UV Stabilized
Part Number: WL-GNBR-SNMN-05
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A frosty gingerbead family with a snowman twist. The classic coarse gingerbread texture is encompassed by beautiful detail. Creamy-smooth royal icing fills the gingerbread in cloud white, for the pure and classic snowman build we all now and love. Solid dark chocalte colored candies act as the eyes and mouth; a replacement of the traditional coal. Mohaganny icing gives branch-like realness from candy icing. The snowman is dressed in classic style with a blue tie, accented and textured with white icing. To "cap" off the piece, Mr. Snowman is bundled up for winter with a violet striped tophat.

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