Gingerbread Car

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  • Gingerbread Car
  • outward facing 2D piece
  • Polyresin/Fiberglass Blend
  • UV stabilized
Part Number: WL-GNBR-CAR-04
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Start your engines and your ovens, the 2D gingerbread car is coming! The gingerbread body of the car has the coarse texture of the warm and spicy cookie we all know and love. Swirling layers of candy cane line the bumper and smooth candy cane stripe's make the wheel well and fender of the car. Lime green gumdrops act as headlights with hot pink turn flashers. Just like the classic cars of the 20th century no car is complete without stylish lines along the automobile, so the gingerbread car has royal icing lines along the hood and roof of the car. Peppermint's make up not only the wheel, but intricately detailed peppermints act as the hubcap and the lugnuts. This car is top to bottom covered in royal icing detail!

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