Gingerbread Snowflake

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  • 6 Pointed Snowflake
  • Gingerbread Collection
  • Outward Facing 2D Piece
  • Polyresin/Fiberglass Blend
  • UV Stabilized
Part Number: WL-GNBR-SNFLK
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At 3' tall, this is quite the snowflake! This outward-facing gingerbread display has the coarse texture of warm and spicy gingerbread, that we all know and love. The aqua royal icing gives a smooth and glossy look to partially cover and to contrast the roughness of the gingerbread. In the fill of aqua icing is a white lining in the shape of a snowflake. The inner white snowflake has floral resemblance in the center, with spindles stretching out to the edge of the cookie.

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