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  • Black Cat
  • Comic
  • 2'
  • Resin
Part Number: HWN-BKCAT-02
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Black cats and Halloween, a purrrr-fect match! This lifelike cat stands 2' ft. tall and is detailed with animated and lovable features! A jet black coat of fur covers the surface of the statue, and is textured like real fur! It is sitting on its backside with a bushy 'S' curved tail extending. Around its neck is a chestnut colored collar with brass colored studs and a red, jewel shaped, tag on it. The cat is grinning, exposing friendly looking teeth and a white shaded muzzle. Big yellow eyes, with green pupils, look off-center at the passing scenes with eyes perked up. This adorable Black Cat isn't superstitious, just super-cute!

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