Since the time of the ancient Greeks, artists have aspired to achieve intense realism in their art pieces.

Historically, Trompe l’oeil, a French term, was used to describe hyper-realistic statues that had the power to deceive the eye. These were designs that blurred the lines between art and reality.

Here at Butlers and Signs, we have a team of creative artists who keep the ancient tradition alive. Let us take a look at some eye-deceiving, hyper-realistic statues that we offer:

Waitress on Roller Skates

From her eyelashes to her clothes, everything has been designed with meticulous precision. This waitress with roller skates can be an amazing way to welcome your guests at the restaurant. With roller skates, the statue can be a sure sign that your service is quick.

The Hawaiian Hulu Girl

This girl, in the middle of her dancing act, certainly seems to be the real deal. With human hair, hula skirt and realistic expressions, our artists have done justice to this piece of art. Not only can it be an amazing display at your beach parties, it can also allow you to add a Hawaiian touch to it.

The Fierce Wolf

From its menacing teeth to its ferocious eyes, this wolf has been designed to give the real one some stiff competition.

Perfect for zoos, this hyper-realistic life-size statue has real hair. Your guests will have to look twice before they realize it’s not real.

The Baseball Player

If you are a baseball fan, this statue is right for you! Beautifully handcrafted from resin, the baseball player has real features and expressions. It seems that the player is in the midst of making history.

Moreover, the clothes have been designed such that the molds and curves look realistic. It does not get any more real than this.

Jazz Saxophone Player

Jazz is love. It’s about every instrument—musician—adding their own twist. Each musician stands out. Each instrument speaks out. It is about rhythm and soul.

Ever seen someone with intense focus in an activity they love? The jazz saxophone player seems to be putting his heart and soul into it. In his element, the statue can be a great display at Jazz-themed parties.

Our creative artists are trained professionals who love what they do. Contact us to order.

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