3 Most Captivating Statues from Around the World

There’s a reason, after all, why museums are counted among the most popular destination spots on a traveler’s itinerary. Whether you’re a space geek, or a film aficionado, a sports fan or a cooking maestro, you can bet there’s a museum out there that’s made to satiate your curiosity and interest!
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Bear Statues Will Enhance Your Visitors’ Experience at Your Zoo

As the owner of a zoo, creating a memorable experience for your visitors is your number one priority.

You want to ensure that they have enjoyed at the zoo. Having life-size bear statues can help you enhance the visitors’ experience. Not only will they serve to be great conversation pieces, but they will also make them want to visit your zoo again.  

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Hyper Realistic Statues That Will Make You Question What’s Real And What’s Not

Since the time of the ancient Greeks, artists have aspired to achieve intense realism in their art pieces.

Historically, Trompe l’oeil, a French term, was used to describe hyper-realistic statues that had the power to deceive the eye. These were designs that blurred the lines between art and reality.

Here at Butlers and Signs, we have a team of creative artists who keep the ancient tradition alive. Let us take a look at some eye-deceiving, hyper-realistic statues that we offer:

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