Sword Collection ~ Over 4 Feet ~ Large Realistic Resin Swords!

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Realistic Sword Collection is Handcrafted from Resin.  The Sword types are Khopesh - Used by the Egyptians from approximately 3,000 bc to 1,000 bc. The curved blade gave it added strength and made it a good hacking weapon.  pointed back at the user Chinese Dao - They are a single edged sword with strong hacking and slashing capabilities. Occasionally a few inches of the back side were also sharpened. They changed a lot over many centuries and the first instances of the curved shape are first recorded around the 11th century. There are a few different variations of this sword and some are a standard in various martial art systems. Viking Sword - This covers a lot of ground and quite a few centuries but the Viking age is around the 9th to 11th centuries.

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